Activity Booking System

Climbing, Sailing or High Ropes

Cinolla's has been purpose built to deal with the diverse range of requirements a busy activity centre has

Bookings Management
Customer Relations
Resource Management
Session planning
Management Reporting
Staff Management
Task Management
Role-based System
Email Marketing

Bookings Management

Booking module purpose built for multi-activity centres.

Flexible & Configurable. Configure Cinolla to match your centre's needs.

Combined Financial and Resource Allocation. Cinolla links financial information with resource allocation in a highly flexible way.

Set your own milestones. Cinolla allows you to define your own booking milestones, ensuring that you always know what status your booking is in.


Cinolla integrates a CRM with a booking system to help you deliver great and efficient customer service.

Manage your customers and bookings on one system using Cinolla's cloud based CRM, customer details and bookings are accessible anywhere you can get on the net.

Automated Confirmation Emails and Letters reduce your admin and easily manage confirmation emails and letters, with our easy to use templates

Track all customer activity using booking number or name, address, telephone, email & postcode. Whether you need their member details, booking history, dietary requirements or just date of birth. All Accessible easily and quickly.

Call Back and Reminder functionality in Cinolla enables you to keep on top of all call backs, brochure mail outs and customer enquiries.

Accomodation and Resource Management

Making good use of the limited resources available to you

Running your activity centre at it's full potential.

One of the keys to running your activity centre at it's full potential is to make great use of those limited resources such as accomodation lodges and tents, meeting rooms and the catering facilities.

Easily managed and maintained.

Cinolla lets you manage your resources easily with an intuitive interface helping you to avoid embarrassing over bookings and ensuring that you get optimum usage of the key assests available to you

Session Planning

Configure Cinolla with the type and number of sessions you can run

Our easy to use session planner will help you schedule your groups activities - without the worry of double booking an activity. The visual nature of our session planner makes it quick and easy to create the ideal schedule for your visiting groups.

Our system will then allow you to quickly generate attractive documents to send your group leaders, all managed from within our CRM so you won't lose track of the conversation with your customers - and any of your staff can quickly catch up on the planning that's been done so far.


Cinolla's reporting is what sets it apart from other booking systems.

Customise-able Reporting. Cinolla has a range of standard and custom reports to provide insights into bookings, customers, course availability and demand. All available online or to download in PDF files.

Improving Bookings. By reporting all courses near capacity Cinolla actively shows where you need to reorganise or bring in more instructors. Thus improving your ability to maximise bookings.

Maximise Online Bookings. Cinolla automatically shows rooms near capacity, allowing you to increase or reorganise staff to maximise your bookings.

Daily and Weekly Reporting that will show course capacity, bookings, residential visitors and bookings by course. Keep organised with Cinolla reports.

Staff Management

Making sure your staff are in the right place at the right time

Fit for purpose

Cinolla gives you the ability to keep track of which instructors are trained in various activities making sure that only appropriately trained staff can be allocated to each activity

Staff Rota Management

Cinolla's staff-rota management will assist you to quickly plan your staff rotas. Not only will this save time but can pick up on gaps where extra instructors are required and also flag up when instructors aren't working and maybe could use some well earned time off.

Task Management

Ensuring your staff are in-the-know

In the loop

When your instructors are here, there and everywhere, it's not always easy to work as an effective team. Cinolla combats this issue with it's task management and messaging.

Communication is what you need

Using built in emails, SMS messaging, Tasks or our Cinolla role-based dashboards, you'll be able to communicate with your team ensuring that those critical tasks don't get missed or overlooked.

Staff Role Based System

Cinolla has through it's core an awareness of the different staff roles your centre may have

You can configure and define your own roles, and what those roles can do, and need to see when interacting with Cinolla. This role awareness makes the interface of our system so much more intuitive and relevant, whilst at the same time protecting sensitive data which can be shared only as needed.

The in-built role awareness also allows more of the centre staff to use Cinolla as part of their regular routine - where privacy concerns may have excluded that in other systems.

Email Marketing

Cinolla is integrated with Mailchimp the leading platform for bulk marketing emails. Which allows you to:

Easily Keep in Touch With Your Customers. All new customers can be automatically integrated into your bulk email list, allowing you to easily keep in touch and increase repeat bookings.

Promote Courses, Drive Traffic and Online Bookings. Want to promote a certain course? email your existing customers to increase bookings, helping to maintain maximum booking capacity.

Automated Emails & Letters. Maintain consistency, professionalism, organisation and keep on top of your admin, with our automated confirmation emails and letters.

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